Customer Success Stories

At En-Net we take pride in our ability to address client needs from both a contract and a technology perspective. Below is a brief summary of specialized contract vehicles and unique solutions we have engineered to meet customer demands.

Office of Naval Intelligence:
En-Net Services won an IDIQ contract with the Office of Naval Intelligence to provide various fiber cabling configurations. The contract includes multiple option years and highlights En-Net's expanded product offering.

Federal Bureau of Investigations:
En-Net was awarded a BPA for IT Supplies from the FBI in Quantico, VA . This marks the fourth consecutive year En-Net has been awarded this BPA.

SAIC/National Cancer Institute:
En-Net was awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with SAIC. This marked the fourth consecutive year En-Net has been awarded this BPA in support of the National Cancer Institute. En-Net is particularly proud of this achievement since past performance is the number one criterion for securing renewal.

DRS/US Army:
En-Net was the recipient of what is now a multiyear BPA from DRS Defense Solutions. An additional BPA was issued for $500,000.00 giving En-Net two BPA's that offer a variety of IT products to DRS and the affiliated US Army programs they support.

US Air Force:
En-Net has designed a pharmacy label solution that includes a custom configured Zebra printer and label which integrates with existing USAF software. The implementation of our solution eliminates the use of toner and cut-sheet paper resulting in substantial cost savings as well as allowing the USAF to attain certain "Green" objectives.

Veterans Administration:
More than 50 VA Medical Centers currently use patient identification solutions provided by En-Net.

Patient identification solutions encompass industrial duty, medium duty or small footprint Zebra printers and patented water, alcohol and tear resistant wristbands. Our newest solution includes a small footprint printer that is ideal for nursing station space limitation and requires less than 10 seconds to change a wristband cartridge.

Federal Bureau of Investigations:
En-Net has been awarded multiple contracts for warehouse management solution at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The custom solution included workstations, wireless scanners, software, Zebra printers, labels and ribbons as well as installation and support.

US Air Force: CMOS
Since 2002 En-Net has been working with the USAF to fulfill their shipping label needs as directed by the Cargo Movement and Operations System (CMOS) program. En-Net has been entrusted to design and stock custom Zebra labels as well as provide logistics to over 192 locations worldwide.

Army Fort Sam Houston:
En-Net and Belkin provided a "Going Green" power management solution (Conserve) for desktops that is being implemented throughout IMCOM. This solution has been presented by the West Region Director to fourteen Army installation commanders in their region as an Energy savings initiative. Fort Sam Houston has deployed Conserve units at their location with very positive results.

Army Fort Huachuca:
En-Net, in conjunction with Belkin, have teamed to consult, design and provide Secure KVM solutions which are NIAP approved. Theses desktop solutions are being used throughout the Army training facility to navigate both SIRP and NIPR networks.

Voice of America:
The mission of the VOA is to broadcast international news to hundreds of millions of people on a weekly basis. En-Net has supported this mission for years by supplying IT and A/V equipment to allow their global correspondents to record and transmit news for broadcast. Our solutions include Fujitsu notebooks, heavy duty carry cases, audio recording devices, cameras, specialty software and international support.