Premier Partner: B&B Electronics

En-Net is a proud partner of B&B Electronics and
we offer the full line of B&B's connectivity solutions.

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For more than three decades, B&B Electronics has built a reputation as a global manufacturer of best-in-class connectivity and communication solutions optimized for rugged reliability. Whether your application is leading edge or legacy, wired or wireless, B&B Electronics has the expertise and the technology platform to ensure that you’re making the right connections.

B&B Electronics designs, builds and delivers connectivity and communication solutions optimized for an ever-expanding range of applications. B&B Electronics products are used in networks around the world - wherever environments demand rugged reliability. Government agencies need systems with high reliability and robust security. B&B Electronics provides ruggedized products and secure networking solutions that ensure data communications from the network backbone all the way out to the network edge.

B&B’s Product Portfolio Includes:

Cellular – For Remote Access Solutions
Wireless – For M2M Connectivity
Fiber Optics – For Network Extension
USB – For Instrumentation and Field Service
Serial – For Legacy Connectivity
Hardened Ethernet – For Networking in Harsh Environments

B&B Products

Modular Industrial 3G
Cellular Router

Gigabit Copper to Fiber
Media Converter

Wireless Ethernet Bridge

Featured Products
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