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En-Net is a proud partner of Seal Shield.
We offer the full line of Seal Shield's infection control solutions.

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Seal Shield™ offers state of the art healthcare technology for hospitals and your home. Founded in 2006, Seal Shield, LLC has rapidly become the world leader in infection prevention technology. The need for cost effective infection control products and services has become the paramount issue for hospitals in the US and abroad.

Now, with concerns over the spread of the H1N1 virus and other diseases, corporate institutions, governments, food service, education facilities and consumers are all demanding infection prevention solutions. Only Seal Shield™ offers a full range of technologies and patent pending products that mitigate the risk of cross contamination infections in communal environments.

Our approach to infection control involves three main categories:

Manufactured Products - uniquely washable and antimicrobial solutions for everyday use
Antimicrobial Solutions - Silver Seal™ Protection uses EPA-registered, cost-effective antimicrobial additives
Engineering Services - for the best and most cost-effective processes and procedures

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Silver Seal™ Antimicrobial Solutions provide the highest level of inorganic, antimicrobial protection available. Recognized by scientists and worldwide healthcare organizations, Silver Seal™ provides the confidence that your environment is clean, safe, and secure.

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